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Industry Watch │ Benefit from the growth of new energy vehicle sales


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In 2015, the domestic new energy vehicle market entered a rapid growth period. From January to September, sales of new energy commercial vehicles increased by about 800% year-on-year, and new energy passenger vehicles increased by 300%. According to Gasgoo, 60% of new energy commercial vehicles use power batteries produced in China.

Benefiting from the growth of new energy vehicle sales, power batteries are in short supply. This has also greatly improved the living conditions of power battery manufacturers. Industry insiders told Geshi Automobile that in 2015, as a year of the power battery industry, the payment method of power batteries has changed a lot. "In the past 30 days of the month, 60 days of the month, most of this year was changed to 30% of the current payment, and 60% of the balance was paid before shipment." The change in payment method has alleviated the power battery manufacturers. financial pressure.

The increase in demand for power batteries has increased the demand for battery Material. However, the current supply of lithium-ion power battery Material is also in a tight situation, and some material manufacturers have taken the opportunity to raise prices.

Li Jigang, deputy general manager of Tianjin Strand Energy Technology Co., Ltd., said that the demand for power batteries continues to increase. Although lithium salt manufacturers want to increase production, the mining of ore is basically stagnant due to the cold weather, and the supply of lithium salt is very problematic. It may continue until the second quarter of next year, and hopes will be alleviated. "This means that in the next three or four months, the upward channel of lithium salt prices will continue. More importantly, Material companies may have money." Can't buy the goods."