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2016 annual commendation meeting and farewell model advanced home New Year event held grandly


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Yang Zhengzheng spirit, Huiqiang show new weather

——Huiqiang New Material 2016 Annual Commendation Conference and Farewell Models Advanced Home New Year Event was held

The golden rooster sang the first year, and the voice was heard. On the afternoon of January 24, 2017, Huiqiang New Material 2016 model advanced commendation conference was held grandly. The multi-functional conference room was packed full of seats. The company's chairman/general manager Wang Hongbing, all management personnel and employees attended the conference.

Li Ping, executive vice president of the company, read the "Decision on Recognizing 2016 Labor Model, Excellent Management and Sales Models" and its list of commended personnel. Among them, Huang Junxue, the main exerciser of the production department, won the honorary title of "Labor Model". The leader of the class was awarded the honorary title of “Excellent Management”, the Wang Junke of the Wuhan Branch of the Sales Center and the Huang Zhijie of the Shenzhen Office to receive the honorary title of “Sales Model”. Chen Hu, the head of the post-process department of the production department, Wang Yi, the head of the front-end drawing workshop, and the general manager of the sales center Wan Chaoyong, respectively, their advanced deeds.

Wang Hongbing, the chairman of the company, personally presented the "Honorary Certificate" and prizes to the commended personnel, and led the executive deputy general manager Li Ping, sales general manager Wan Chaoyong, and production manager Li Shengfa to take a group photo with them.

Chairman Wang Hongbing delivered an important speech. He said that the outstanding excellence of the model workers today is in three aspects. First, the spirit of the old ox, to be a "squat" person, to work hard; second, the spirit of unity and cooperation, for hard work, focus on teamwork, consciously regard their work as an integral part of the entire company's operating system; It is the spirit of craftsmanship, unswervingly toward the goal of "being the best barrier in the world", adhering to the concept of "make meticulous, keep improving, casting quality" and practice "a little progress every day".

Mr. Wang concluded that the performance of Huiqiang New Material in 2016 is particularly proud in three aspects. First, the company's reputation has been further consolidated and improved; second, production and sales performance have made significant progress, production and sales have doubled 380% over the previous year. The products have entered the well-known domestic new energy vehicle manufacturers BYD, Camel, and Zhongju supply chain. Third, the successful listing of the new three board in Beijing [stock code: 836243], laid a solid foundation for the promotion of enterprise development. He planned to implement in the new year. First, tap the potential of existing production lines, realize the production and sales of film of 80 million square meters, and enter the first phalanx of China's film production enterprises. Second, implement the second phase of production line expansion, and put into production at the end of the year. , the film production capacity reached 200 million square meters; Third, Huiqiang new Material deepen the capital market to further development, so that the company's reputation and development space to achieve a qualitative leap.

Subsequently, the four winners of the model worker, excellent management, and sales model were boarded by the company's leaders and employees, and headed for the home. The company's leaders carried the prizes, and the drum team was rushed all the way. After passing through the mighty Tianhe Town and marching in Hengdian Street, the model workers were sent home and sent a New Year greeting to their families.