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The company has a complete quality management system. At present, the company has passed ISO9001:2008 quality management system, ISO14001:2004 environmental management system, OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system, IATF16949:2016 international general automobile industry quality system standard.

Ouyang Wankun, director of the Provincial Economic and Information Committee, went to Huiqiang New Material Research


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On the morning of February 14, Hubei Provincial Economic and Information Technology Commission, Party Secretary, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Congress Financial and Economic Committee Ouyang Wankun and his entourage accompanied by Huang Zuo District Party Secretary Wu Zuyun and District Governor Zeng Jun went to Wuhan Huiqiang New Energy Material Technology Co., Ltd. investigates and understands the production, R&D and operation of the company.

Director Ouyang Wankun and his party visited the company showroom and production line to learn more about the development history, innovation capability, product application and market aspects of Wuhan Huiqiang. Chairman Wang Hongbing accompanied the whole tour and made a detailed introduction.

Director Ouyang Wankun is very pleased with Wuhan Huiqiang's high hopes and aiming at the innovative development prospects of the world's new energy Material. He fully affirms and highly praises Wuhan Huiqiang Company for its commitment to high-end industrial development and the development of new energy industry. Opportunities, and less than three years of production have yielded fruitful results. He demanded that Huiqiang New Material should seize the current national policy of expanding energy investment, vigorously support the opportunities for supporting the development of new energy enterprises, and accelerate the cooperation with the already strong lithium battery manufacturers in the province to become bigger and stronger. Make outstanding contributions to the soundness and development of Hubei New Energy Automobile Industry Chain. He also said that the Provincial Economic and Information Committee will surely match the bridge to help the docking cooperation, and must use the full policy to support Huiqiang's new material to realize the dream of "being the best film in the world".

Huiqiang New Material is a private enterprise integrating R&D, production and operation. The company relies on the professors and experts of the Chinese Academy of Sciences as a strong technical support to develop a dry process with complete independent intellectual property rights. It is the only one capable of producing PP at the same time. Two different Material, PE, can produce single-layer, composite lithium battery separators of different specifications from 10μm to 60μm according to customer requirements. In particular, China's three-layer co-extruded high-end lithium-electric power film produced by independent core technology not only fills the gap in the lithium-ion battery separator industry in Hubei Province, but also breaks the short-board of Chinese enterprises that cannot produce high-end film, and breaks the US, Japan and South Korea's high-end film market. The monopoly has enhanced the reputation of domestic brands.

The company has landed on the New Third Board on March 15, 2016. At present, the annual production capacity of power battery separator is 80 million m2. The company plans to invest 500 million yuan in 2017 to implement the second phase of the project. By 2018, the production capacity will reach 300 million m2, laying a solid foundation for the world's best film supplier.