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Huang Wei successfully won the "big single" of 150 million yuan of scientific research results! In-depth development of school-enterprise docking, capital and intelligence to build a new industrial city


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Yangtze River Daily Rong Media News (Reporter Wang Jing correspondent Chen Siwei) On November 28th, the fifth batch of scientific and technological achievements in Wuhan was transformed. • Wuhan University of Technology was held at the Wuhan Convention Center. At the meeting, Huangpi District achieved fruitful results. Wuhan Huiqiang New Energy Material Technology Co., Ltd. and Wuhan Zhideli Precision Manufacturing Technology Co., Ltd. respectively signed a “big order” for the research achievements of 100 million yuan and 50 million yuan with Wuhan University of Technology. Since the beginning of this year, Huangpi District has implemented the new model of “University+” in the process of implementing the “Transformation and Docking Project of Scientific Research Achievements in Universities”, and has truly embarked on a new path of “Talent Leads Innovation, Innovation Drives Development”.

At the signing site, Wuhan Huiqiang New Energy Material Technology Co., Ltd. and the State Key Laboratory of Material Composite New Technology of Wuhan University of Technology signed a project called “Research and Industrialization of Lithium Battery Composite Separator and Solid Electrolyte film”. It is understood that as the leading enterprise in the domestic new energy field, the main technology for producing lithium battery separators is single-drawing technology, which produces 50 million square meters per year and has an output value of 100 million yuan. After the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, the existing single-drawing The dry technology will be upgraded and reach the international leading level. In 5 years, the production capacity of the enterprise will increase to 1.5 times of the current level, and the market share of the product will increase from the current 5% to the “new height” of 20%. Breaking through 1 billion yuan.

The contracted project between Wuhan Zhideli Precision Manufacturing Technology Co., Ltd. and the School of Logistics Engineering of Wuhan University of Technology is “Double Lateral Worm Gear Transmission”. According to the person in charge of the company, after the transformation of this scientific research result, the core competitiveness of the enterprise will be greatly improved. Product influence, enterprise output value is expected to quadruple on the existing basis.

The government is a "matchmaker" for school-enterprise marriage

What kind of opportunity has contributed to the deep cooperation between the company and the school? Wang Hongbing, chairman of Wuhan Huiqiang New Energy Material Technology Co., Ltd., said that since the company invested in the construction of the plant in 2012, the company has attached great importance to technology research and development and product improvement. In 2014, the relevant departments of the Huangpi District Government actively introduced the company. The company cooperated with the State Key Laboratory of Material and New Technology of Wuhan University of Technology, and hired the laboratory expert Professor Tang Haolin as the company's technical consultant, which opened the road of school-enterprise cooperation.

After strategic cooperation with Wuhan Polytechnic University, the joint research center for high performance lithium battery separators was established, and a first-class scientific research platform, pilot base and school-enterprise interactive platform were established to jointly develop 24 patents and related technologies. For three consecutive years, it has been rated as “China's Top Ten Competitive Companies”.

The result is transformed into six hundred billion plates "strong waist"

At present, Huangpi has 70 high-tech enterprises and 50 high-tech product filing companies. The annual technology transaction volume reaches 120 million yuan, and 256 invention patents have been authorized. According to the person in charge of the District Science and Technology and Economics Bureau, in addition to the cooperation between Huiqiang and Zhideli and Wuhan University of Technology, other enterprises in the region have established good cooperative relations with colleges and universities, such as Yingnuolin Biotechnology and Tsinghua University. The essence of deceleration and Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Yuji Food and Wuhan University of Light Industry. The signing of the 100 million yuan bill by the enterprises in the region and Wuhan University of Technology will produce a good demonstration and driving effect on the participation of other enterprises in the transformation of scientific and technological achievements in universities.

In the next step, Huang Wei will go deep into the “Transformation and Docking Project of Scientific Research Achievements in Universities”, support enterprises to undertake a number of national, provincial and municipal scientific and technological achievements transformation projects, and strive to create new energy Material, high-end equipment manufacturing, biomedicine, jewelry fashion, trade logistics, eco-tourism. Waiting for the "upgraded version" of the six hundred billion plates to promote new breakthroughs in regional economic development.

Warm heart policy promotes high-end talents to "take root"

Huang Wei encouraged academicians to establish expert workstations in the enterprises in the district, and the district government gave 300,000 yuan per station to the new academician expert workstations. For the newly established post-doctoral research station and post-doctoral innovation practice base of the enterprise, the district finance will be given a start-up fund of 300,000 yuan and 150,000 yuan respectively. At the same time, reward subsidies will be given to the high-end talents of the industry that are newly introduced and cultivated in the project. Among them, for the national, provincial and municipal high-end talents, according to the superior talent funding standards, 1:1 supporting rewards will be given. For district-level high-end talents, the project grant fund of up to 500,000 yuan can be awarded.

Up to now, there are 25 innovation platforms in Huangpi District, including 6 academician expert workstations, 5 provincial engineering research centers, 5 engineering technology research centers, 13 municipal engineering technology research centers and enterprise R&D centers. One innovative practice base.