About Huiqiang

Huiqiang New Material is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the R&D, production and sales of high-quality lithium-ion battery film. Huiqiang film enters thousands of households with new energy automobiles to make contribution to the world blue sky and white clouds.

Huiqiang New Energy

Enterprise mission

Create a better future, seeing Huiqiang at the invisible place

Huiqiang New Energy

Enterprise Vision

Benefit the public and strive for prosperity, to be the world-class supplier of new material.

Huiqiang New Energy

The core values of the enterprise

Entrepreneurship and innovation, utmost sincerity and kindness.

Management concept:

One step ahead, make 100% strive, reduce expenditure and increase efficiency, delicacy management.

Mission Framework:

Focusing on the innovation of functional film materials, making customers’ needs as the drive to create irreplaceable value for them, mobilizing all resources to serve core customers. 

Providing thinner, stronger, safer and high quality products.

Mainly through factory direct sales, supplemented by agents with resources.

By going to the "Gemba", watching the "Gembutsu", checking the "Genjitsu" to solve customers’ pain and difficult problems. With better quality to help customers to enhance product value, increase efficiency and enhance competitiveness, grow and make progress with customers together, ultimately become the core supplier. 

Huiqiang New Energy
Huiqiang New Energy